Ghostly Light


This is my neighbor’s wonderful Halloween display. He threw some old lace curtains over a lamp post in the middle of a garden setting, secured with some clips.

Underneath, the “face” is quite scary. It is a mask. You can catch a glimpse of it underneath the veil.


I love this kind of display. Very grownup. Very spooky. It also incorporates, of course, the garden.


In looking through blogland, I’ve noticed that readers seem to love the photo blogs. Few words, many many photos. These blogs are absolutely lovely. Some are pure poetry, lyrical. They capture life.

So, my question is this, I wonder. Is the writing over? I still will write, even into the void. I am posting pictures now because they illustrate the words. I can’t not write, after all. But I just wonder whether there has been a fundamental shift forever.

Anyway. On to the next season. You know what I mean. In the style of the new wordless order, you’ll see a bit of it here, in this visual.

halloween 159

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  1. I have been shocked at how much I love to take and add pictures to my words. I would never have thought it of me.
    What a great Halloween idea. Mmmmmm….
    For next year.

    • I know, it’s so much fun! It took me a while because I could not figure out how to post photos. Then someone wrote down instructions for posting through a site, photobucket, and I followed that for a long time. Finally, I GOT it. But it was not intuitive. At all.

  2. I look for posts that are written. I like pictures, sure, but I always think the best blogs are those which prove the owners are thinkers. The writing will never be over for me.

  3. I want to see photos with accompanying text telling me what I’m supposed to be seeing. Wordless Wednesday posts leave me cold. Was there something that I’m missing in the pic that the author thought was perfectly clear and easily seen? Tell me the funny or sad parts, the unseen thoughts behind the post and what I’m about to miss.

  4. I appreciate that Janie and Jean. Obviously, I feel the same way about the words. I didn’t even know about Wordless Wednesday!

  5. Hello Calann, Your Halloween post is great. But I esp love the one about the angel’s trumpet. Very Lovely and thoughtful post. I don’t write so much, because people seem to prefer the photos. But I may start to be braver and write more. I do love writing. Thank you for commenting on my Honest Scrap. You wanted to know more about the nature spirits. I have written some about my experiences on Do let me know what else I could add or if you have questions. Sharing this so openly is new to me.

    • Oh Mary Delle, you write! The blogs I am talking about literally are all photos and sometimes without cutlines or identifying tags. And of course, on a gardening site, a mostly photo blog is completely appropriate. I should have specified also that the blogs I had in mind when I wrote this post are not on Blotantical. They were simply general blogs that were not identified as photo blogs. That is what sent me on this line of inquiry.

      I know now to be more specific. And write more!! HA! I caught myself out, didn’t I?

  6. The ghost looks so elegant-love it. As for the writing-I’m an avid reader and writer-so it’ll never be over for me : )

    • Well your readers (and I) over at Blind Pig and Acorn are happy about that tipper!

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