Still at Work in the Garden

The holidays are here and I’ve been hard at work. I am using materials from my yard and that of friends to decorate and make gifts this year. And I am finding plenty to work with, despite the cold weather. Everyone should do the same. Go outside and look around. You’ll see.

Once that has happened, look first for evergreens. I am making centerpieces using small plastic containers or other holders I have squirreled away during the year. A shallow bowl will do or a discarded takeout container.

A relative of my sister’s made beautiful centerpieces for her son’s outdoor wedding rehearsal dinner using the flimsy tins from bread rolls. She taped down a florist foam piece in each one, then built it out from there using greens like magnolia leaves, flowers from the yard and tall white candles. The centerpieces, placed on white tablecloths covering long tables borrowed from a church, glowed in the summer night on my sister’s Alabama farm, casting a spell on all of us.

That idea could be borrowed for the holidays, using red candles along with magnolia or Camellia leaves.

I like to start my centerpieces using strips of pine branches and needles layered around the foam as a base. Then, I place shiny leaves from Camellias or holly along with red berries from that shrub. Any colored berry will do.

Next, I insert a few pinecombs using a dab of glue from a gluegun or a piece of floral tape or wire.
Then I work on the flowers. There still are some hydrangeas outside and a few roses have escaped the early frosts. I also have some lavander, rosemary and some yarrow in the yard and the greenhouse window in my kitchen. But branches with red holly berries would be fine and those lucky enough to have Camellias blooming have an excellent source of color for their pieces.

Then there’s always the florist and the grocery store. Buy a few stems to fill in with what you need. With the flowers rapidly disappearing in the cold, I plan to use a candle to dress up my centerpieces to give as gifts in coming weeks. I’ll use a short hurricane cover to protect against fire or even a votive and a votive holder.

I have a couple of wreath blanks and with my glue gun will decorate them with leaves and berries and even some small lights powered by batteries. And if I get ambitious, a long, green coil of greenery and lights might grace my fireplace mantel this year. All made by me. Courtesy of my fall garden and yard.

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  1. Just beautiful

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